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1992 - 1993

American/Canadian Champion Sasdania's A Toss of the Dice x All Men R In Love W Marcella CD CGC TDI born April 23, 1992

Scarbrough's Charlie x All Men R In Love W Marcella CD CGC TDI born September 17, 1993

CH Dice.jpg (35460 bytes) 4-23-92.jpg (44772 bytes)

Zeus & Frank.jpg (20056 bytes) Sardi's Sinatra of Creekside & Sardi's Jerry Willy

Sardi's Kenyon of Creekside

Agatha.jpg (11940 bytes) Sardi's Agatha De La Costas

Sardi's Bruno Is The One

Sardi's Raiza Belle

Keebler.jpg (38376 bytes) Sardi's Elfin Magic

Sardi's VooDoo's On The Hill

Czar.jpg (11872 bytes) Sardi's Be Czar Oh'

Sardi's Libby's Oscar Doc

Molly.jpg (18216 bytes) Sardi's Good Golly Miss Molly



Charlie.jpg (51232 bytes)   9-17-93.jpg (26968 bytes)

Katie.jpg (26148 bytes) Katie, tragically lost to parvo virus

Tara.jpg (40748 bytes) Jodeco's Tara of Sardi

Duker.jpg (11676 bytes) Duke 

 Jahni & Sampson.jpg (25096 bytes)Sardi's Jahni Come Lately & Sardi's King Sampson

Lisa's Miss Amelia Bedelia 

BAK's BMW Incognito x Daneboa BMW Bewitched born November 12, 1993. 

Samantha.jpg (14880 bytes) 11-12-93.jpg (12296 bytes)

Co-owned with Laura Kiaulenas, this litter was not whelped by us.

John.jpg (16148 bytes) Sardi's BMW Phoenix

BMW Renegade

Toby Lee Norris

Nabala's BMW BAK's Bewitched

Nabala's BMW BAK's Danny Boy

BMW Contessa

BMW Merlin

Torie.jpg (32652 bytes) Sardi's BMW Victor Victoria

Sasdania's Stromboli Vi-Dayne x Sardi's Elfin Magic born November 30, 1993

Stormy.jpg (39616 bytes) 11-30-93.jpg (31292 bytes)

All but two of these puppies were tragically lost to parvo virus.

Thunder.jpg (11384 bytes) Thunder

Brutus.jpg (26167 bytes) Sardi's U Two Brutus

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