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1998 - 1999

Sardi's The Blue Max x Sardi's Jezebel v Woodland born March 9, 1998 Sardi's Last Tango In Paris x Sardi's Easter Parade CD born March 10, 1999

  Bette.jpg (15696 bytes) 

This litter was co-owned and whelped by Carol.

Eve.jpg (53044 bytes) Sardi's All About Eve

Sardi's Pocketful Of Miracles

Sardi's Sugar Williams

Sardi's Sydney x Jodeco's Krystal Vision born April 24, 1998

 Sardi's April In Paris




Brando x Judy.jpg (22416 bytes)

This litter was co-owned and whelped by Lisa.

 Sardi's The Last Hurrah

Mail0001.jpg (38981 bytes) Sardi's Hockey Night In Canada

National BISS Champion BMW Architect Of Jericho x Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk born April 23, 1999

BMW ARchitect  of Jericho.jpg (49816 bytes) Cos ltr.jpg (32100 bytes)

Cosby.jpg (8552 bytes) Sardi's A Piece Of The Action


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