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Daneboa's Gran Victor x Sardi's All About Eve born April 15, 2000

National BISS Champion BMW Architect Of Jericho x Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk born May 19, 2000

 4-15-00.jpg (27804 bytes)

This litter was co-owned and whelped by Sandy

Haley.jpg (37632 bytes) SER Sardi The Trouble With Spring

SER Sardi Moonstruck

Champion Dixie's Mr. Special By Firelight x Sardi Best Foot Forward born May 1, 2000

Spudz.jpg (43196 bytes) 5-1-00.jpg (40560 bytes)

This litter was co-owned and whelped by Carol

Charles.jpg (40680 bytes) Charles reserve.jpg (35112 bytes) Sardi Dixie Song Of Th' South

Olivia.jpg (43080 bytes) Sardi's The Strawberry Blonde

 Sardi Bayhill Sum Like It Hot

Rio 1.jpg (32384 bytes) Rio 2.jpg (18008 bytes) Sardi Vegas On A Roll

Stewart.jpg (21856 bytes) Sardi Pot Of Gold

Bambi.jpg (32180 bytes) Sardi Vicki's Birthday Bambi

Delilah.jpg (32084 bytes)  Delilah~Winter'02.jpg (21402 bytes) Delilah & Tazi2.jpg (83482 bytes) Delilah & Tazi3.jpg (136836 bytes) Delilah & Tazi4.jpg (160490 bytes) Sardi's Platinum Blonde (& her friend Tazi)

Jazz.jpg (13864 bytes) Sardi All That Jazz

Titan.jpg (12644 bytes) Sardi Titan Asa Johnson


BISS CH AJ.jpg (50184 bytes) 5-19-2000.jpg (60252 bytes)

 BabyAud.jpg (14888 bytes) Sardi's Paris When It Sizzles

MayaBIS.jpg (31188 bytes) Intl FIN LT DK EST Ch 2002 Bridge Winner, Vilnius-Cup W-03 Sardi's How To Marry A Millionaire 

 Mia.jpg (28504 bytes)Sardi Wyndan See No Evil

Spencer.jpg (41084 bytes) Sardi's Architect's Showboat

Diesel.jpg (26900 bytes) Sardi's Maximum Overdrive (with his baby sister Gwen)


Puppies born in 1992 and 1993

Puppies born in 1994 and 1995

Puppies born in 1996 and 1997

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