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2001 - 2002
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Sardi's Last Tango In Paris x Sardi's All About Eve born April 8, 2001

BIS BISS Champion Char-Max Duke of Dogwood x Champion Sardi's Cat On A Hot Tin Roof born September 6, 2001

4-8-2001.jpg (42732 bytes)

This litter was co-owned and whelped by Sandy

Mel.jpg (47484 bytes) Sardi's Norsegod 

Ozziejune2002.jpg (31456 bytes) Ozzie

Harvey.jpg (16948 bytes) Harvey

duke.jpg (33780 bytes) Duke

Einstein.jpg (26184 bytes) Einstein

luna&travis.jpg (16012 bytes) Sardi's Moon Goddess 

gwensit.jpg (17780 bytes) Sardi's Keeper Of The Flame 

Zurich3.jpg (36432 bytes) Silkwood's Kryptonite x Sardi's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes CD born May 20, 2001

 Zurich3.jpg (36432 bytes) 5-20-2001.jpg (35208 bytes)

Leah11-11.jpg (46184 bytes) CH Sardi's Final Fantasy

Hudson.jpg (17912 bytes) Sardi's Magnificent Obsession

romeo.jpg (52668 bytes) Romeo, CGC

 cole@dog.jpg (31420 bytes) Aubie

Stasha.jpg (9828 bytes) Sardi's Stasha

summer.jpg (15424 bytes) summer_frisbee.jpg (31892 bytes) Summer

jake2.jpg (28816 bytes) Jake with Santa 11-24-01.jpg (63884 bytes) Sardi's Windy City, CGC

Bozz.jpg (26673 bytes)  Sardi's Bozzworth


BIS Duke.jpg (30632 bytes) Sept 27-2.jpg (36148 bytes)

7wkspur1.jpg (29232 bytes) CH Sardi's Too Hot To Handle

01260044.JPG (44732 bytes) Sardi's The Desert Hawk

7wksyel4.jpg (38744 bytes) Sardi's The African Queen

Taylor 6 mos.jpg (41508 bytes) Sardi's Cleopatra

Judy2.jpg (41082 bytes) Sardi A Star Is Born

Sardi's Intrinsic Genesis Genesis.jpg (75473 bytes)

rosie.jpg (23204 bytes) Sardi's Cracklin' Rosie

 Norm2.jpg (26390 bytes) Sardi's The Jazz Singer

  whitecollar.jpg (34436 bytes)Kira

doggyk.jpg (22892 bytes) doggyk2.jpg (24044 bytes) Sardi's My Fair Lady

FIN EST Intl Champion FinW-00 NordW-01 Ozaenas Ain't No Reason x Intl 

This litter was whelped in Finland by Anitta

Classic5weeks.jpg (30984 bytes) Hoppingham's Sardi AJ's Classic

Dream5weeks.jpg (42879 bytes) Fin Ch Hoppingham's Sardi's Dream of AJ

LYRIC5weeks.jpg (56363 bytes) IM000411.jpg (30681 bytes)  Hoppingham's Sardi AJ's Lyric

Image.jpg (57801 bytes) Hoppingham's Sardi's Image of AJ

MAGIC5vko.jpg (51938 bytes) lahmaggipaa.jpg (74213 bytes) Hoppingham's Sardi AJ's Magic

Shadow5weeks.jpg (46615 bytes) Hoppingham's Sardi AJ's Shadow

PRIDE5vko.jpg (51702 bytes) Hoppingham's Sardi's Pride of AJ


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