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2003 - 2004

Champion Silkwood's Another Legend x Champion Sardi's Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Born April 16th, 2003

Silkwood's Kryptonite x Champion Silkwood's Just An Illusion

Born August  27, 2004


WDPanamaCityfull.jpg (50887 bytes)  LizNewCH.jpg (29422 bytes)

 Colby2yrs.jpg (54864 bytes)  Sardi's Men In Black II (Colby)

Precious 004.jpg (27768 bytes)  Blueberry - I've left to live with Kim & Eli!

 Stripe614a.jpg (32579 bytes)  Lola.jpg (22842 bytes) Gina Lola Falona -  I've left to live with Ken & his family!

 102519-R1-22A.jpg (55485 bytes) Sardi's Champagne Safari (Rita)

Tommy_Lee.jpg (37519 bytes) 05-11-05croppedTommyLee.jpg (15380 bytes)  Sardi's Men In Black (Bubbles) lives with Linda in Alabama

OFA hips fair,  OFA thyroid normal, OFA cardiac normal, CERF, CHIC #22222

 Billy 002.jpg (48755 bytes) August 16, 2003 2.JPG (53023 bytes) Billy -  I've gone to live with Sierra & Isabel!

   Zurich3.jpg (36432 bytes)  MeribethJune2004.jpg (38245 bytes)

    At six weeks of age:

CH Sardi Silkwood Play It Again (Sam):

DSCN1019.JPG (34837 bytes) DSCN1024.JPG (33068 bytes)

Sam stayed at the farm with us.

Sardi Silkwood Poetry 'n Motn (Baron):

  DSCN1012.JPG (21110 bytes) Baron 10 mos.jpg (37619 bytes)  Baron_w_Linda.jpg (86066 bytes) Baron_sitting_head.jpg (91803 bytes)

Baron has gone to live with Ginny!

Sardi Silkwood Purple Raine:

DSCN0999.JPG (28795 bytes) DSCN1000.JPG (22954 bytes)

Raine lives at the farm with us

Sardi Silkwood P (purple collar):

DSCN0985.JPG (28912 bytes) DSCN0989.JPG (26693 bytes)

Bayli has gone to live with Bryce!

Sardi Silkwood Park Place (Parker) 

  DSCN1005.JPG (31029 bytes) DSCN1007.JPG (25376 bytes)

Parker has gone to live with Michelle!

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