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Champion Sardi Silkwood Play It Again x Champion Sardi's Too Hot To Handle

Born April 7, 2006

Champion Sardi Silkwood Play It Again x Penadane's Follow That Dream

Born September 29, 2006


  Sam oval.jpg (158525 bytes)Jayne oval.jpg (70651 bytes)

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These "Jayne" litters were bred jointly with Linda & Chuck Whitney.  Their friendship & handling skills have made Sam & Jayne the champions that they are, and we look forward to the future with these puppies.

Jayne puppies 41606 061.jpg (82638 bytes)

Major & family.jpg (70497 bytes) (Major)


black male (Sardi Silkwd Portrait In Black, aka Tony)

Scarlet family photo.jpg (66433 bytes) Scarlett 6 months.jpg (97496 bytes) (Scarlett)

Lulu8wks.jpg (118396 bytes) (Sardi's Lulu Golightly, aka Lulu)

black female (Sardi Silkwd Some Like It Hot, aka Monroe)

Gamble.jpg (99861 bytes)  Gamble at the beach.jpg (46102 bytes) (Sardi Silkwd Dirty Dancing, aka Gamble) See Gamble's photo shoot!




Sam_oval.jpg (158525 bytes) GraceWB120202.jpg (35418 bytes)

 Gracie puppies Oct 1.jpg (97974 bytes) Grace puppies 2 Oct 1.jpg (91913 bytes)

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Gavin Gavin going home.jpg (87008 bytes) Gavin_@_Baseball_Field2008.jpg (230896 bytes)

Goliath Goliath 9 wks.jpg (78581 bytes)  Goliath2yrs5.JPG (93013 bytes) 2 years & gorgeous!

CH Elvis Elvis 7 wks.jpg (80813 bytes)

Sonador Sonador going home.jpg (112204 bytes) 

Meg Meg 7 wks.jpg (78482 bytes)


Windwood Halos Back N Black x Sardi's The African Queen

Born November 22, 2006

Lucas.jpg (53655 bytes) Kade_in_ring.jpg (34932 bytes)

Zoie3.jpg (126500 bytes) Zoie at 15 months


Kade puppy 4wksa.jpg (90527 bytes) Kade puppy 4wksb.jpg (93178 bytes) Kade puppy 4wksc.jpg (134726 bytes) at 4 weeks


Champion Crekside's Dirty Dancing CD x Champion Sardi's Too Hot To Handle

Born September 30, 2006

  Jayne.jpg (71620 bytes)

Jayne puppies Oct 1.jpg (94820 bytes) Jayne puppies 2 Oct 1.jpg (66095 bytes)

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Beth Beth goes to TX.jpg (184634 bytes)

Sadie Sadie 8 wks.jpg (130312 bytes)

Duchess Beige going home.jpg (90966 bytes)

Bona Bona 7 wks.jpg (124679 bytes)

Crash  Crash in Key West.JPG (84373 bytes)

Zildjian Zil 9 wks.jpg (83503 bytes) Zildjian2.jpg (94081 bytes)


Puppies born in 1992 and 1993

Puppies born in 1994 and 1995

Puppies born in 1996 and 1997

Puppies born in 1998 and 1999

Puppies born in 2000

Puppies born in 2001 and 2002

Puppies born in 2003 and 2004

Puppies born in 2007

Puppies born in 2008

Puppies born in 2009

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