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I am Sara Dingman Dellorto and with my husband Bob live in a little town in sunny central Florida called Lakeland.  We live on sixteen acres of land that takes a lot of effort to keep up, but we love the space around us.  We also claim those owners and co-owners who have been such a huge part of the breeding program; not only breeding but  living with, training, exhibiting or just adoring danes with the Sardi kennel name. 

I am a firm believer in health testing, and guarantee all puppies against any genetic defect. I support the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) as suggested by the Great Dane Club of America, and so you'll see CHIC numbers listed throughout this website. Health testing is not a guarantee of future health; it is only a tool to be used in making breeding decisions to help create a better future. CHIC is not about passing tests, it is about making health test information public rather than keeping secrets in the closet, so to speak. No one can promise you a puppy won't develop a genetic problem; the health testing available at this time cannot guarantee your new puppy won't develop a problem.  All that this testing can do is help increase the odds of your puppy growing up healthy.  

Puppies do not leave prior to 8 weeks of age, and have their appropriate shots and medical records along with feeding and care instructions.  I am always accessible to each puppy owner for help, general questions, or just to chat. We also have family reunions - what fun to see so many Sardi faces! 

We spend a lot of time with the danes: taking them running in the park, off to training classes, or even sometimes just off on a picnic to play with some of their doggy friends. We believe itís better for danes to have some formal obedience training, and so offer a rebate towards the cost of an obedience course to  encourage each new owner to take their baby to a local class. Basically, the more time we all spend with the dane babies, the more likely those danes are to grow into the adult dane we all imagine.

We show the danes in both conformation and obedience, and breed specifically towards those goals.   I work full time to support these dog hobbies, so I'm not usually home during the day but am available nights and weekends.

 Clubs & involvements:

bulletImperial Polk Obedience Club
bulletLakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club
bulletCentral Florida Working Group Association
bulletTampa Bay Kennel Club
bulletGreat Dane Club of America

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