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JackSept1.jpg (153101 bytes) 4 mos Jackie010309b.jpg (218306 bytes) Jackie010309a.jpg (81014 bytes) 9 mos  Jackie72209a.jpg (543841 bytes) 15 mos Jackie19mos.jpg (213835 bytes) 19mos 2152010Jacka.jpg (148904 bytes) 2152010Jackc.jpg (150936 bytes) 2152010Jackd.jpg (130961 bytes) 2152010Jackb.jpg (100791 bytes) 23 mos  Jack123110a.jpg (73401 bytes) Jack123110b.jpg (155223 bytes) Jack123110c.jpg (161637 bytes) Jack123110d.jpg (157391 bytes) Jack123110e.jpg (181418 bytes) almost 3 years

Sardi Silkwd Simple Twist of Fate ( Champion Sardi Silkwd Portrait In Black x Sardi's Champagne Safari)(pedigree) Jackie is our newest black boy - he lives here at the farm and can sometimes be found riding in the roadster with his best friend Bob.  Jackie hopes to follow his sister's success in the show ring!

OFA thyroid normal, OFA cardiac normal, OFA prelim hips good, & OFA perm hips fair, OFA elbows normal, CERF, CHIC #63985

  10102010Maxb.jpg (209709 bytes) 10102010Maxc.jpg (209522 bytes)  10 mos Max123110a.jpg (178269 bytes) Max123110b.jpg (162477 bytes) Max123110c.jpg (158466 bytes) Max123110d.jpg (205885 bytes) 1 year

Sardi Silkwd Never Say Never Again (Amador's Red Thunder x Sardi Silkwd Reckless Disregard)(pedigree)  Max is the first natural eared dog that we've shown and we're quite fascinated to see how it turns out.

Echo cardiac normal November 2010, CERF, OFA thyroid equivocal, OFA prelim hips Good

JayneNatls2002.jpg (28900 bytes)  JayneOcalaApril2004a.jpg (75915 bytes) JayneOcalaApril2004.jpg (49131 bytes) Jayne.jpg (71620 bytes) Jayne1.jpg (100471 bytes) Jayne2.jpg (102848 bytes)

VBIS Ch Sardi's Too Hot To Handle (BIS BISS Champion Char-Max Duke of Dogwood x Champion Sardi's Cat On A Hot Tin Roof)

Jayne was the first black baby born in her litter - she was the purple collar puppy and continued to bring home the purple! Jayne was perfectly presented in the conformation ring by Linda Whitney; she is now retired and living at the farm.  Jayne was bred in 2006 to Champion Sardi Silkwood Play It Again and to Champion Crekside's Dirty Dancing, CD. See Jayne's ad in the Great Dane Gallery!

OFA hips good, OFA thyroid normal, OFA cardiac normal, CERF, CHIC #16220

362010Chloe1.jpg (228492 bytes) 362010Chloe2.jpg (226605 bytes) 362010Chloe3.jpg (208550 bytes) 11 weeks  3272010black1.jpg (234983 bytes) 14 weeks Emily16wksa.jpg (158519 bytes) 16 weeks June6Emily1.jpg (168304 bytes) June6Emily2.jpg (171900 bytes) June6Emily3.jpg (183076 bytes) 5 1/2 mos Emily8282010a.jpg (133533 bytes) Emily8282010b.jpg (118681 bytes) Emily8282010c.jpg (103609 bytes) 8 mos 

Sardi Silkwd Simply Irresistible (Amador's Red Thunder x Sardi Silkwd Reckless Disregard) Emily is the new kid on the block; we are excited to watch and see how she grows up.  She lives here at the farm and is trying to follow in Patty's footsteps.

CERF , CHIC DNA bank, OFA thyroid normal, OFA prelim hips fair, OFA Echo cardiac normal May 2011

Sophie16wks.jpg (185563 bytes) 3 1/2 months Sophie_5_mos_stacked_001_(2_email).jpg (114383 bytes) Sophie_5_mos_stacked_(2_email).jpg (99995 bytes) SophieAug21a.jpg (136808 bytes) SophieAug21b.jpg (158167 bytes) SophieAug21c.jpg (162275 bytes) 5 months Sophie_8_months_sitting.jpg (406899 bytes) 8 months SophieDec2008.jpg (127880 bytes) 9 months Sophie-Class_3-25-09_3.jpg (143195 bytes) 12 months

Sophie_at_the_Specialty_01.jpg (127766 bytes) Sophie_at_the_Specialty_02.jpg (109767 bytes) Sophie_at_the_Specialty_03_GREAT_pic!.jpg (124880 bytes) show photos courtesy of Kate Jackson Sophie's bling.jpg (127656 bytes)

SophieJuly122009a.jpg (123343 bytes) SophieJuly122009b.jpg (121625 bytes) SophieJuly122009c.jpg (104440 bytes) SophieJuly122009d.jpg (145903 bytes) SophieJuly122009e.jpg (111590 bytes) A day at the beach

Ch Sardi Silkwd Sky's The Limit (Champion Sardi Silkwd Portrait In Black x Sardi's Champagne Safari)  Sophie is our West Coast pride and joy - she lives with John, Lisa & their family, and is also co-owned with Michele. Sophie started her show career off with a HUGE bang by winning both majors her first four times in the ring - we could not be more proud of her and her owners!!!!!!

Sophie's ad in

NemowAngel.jpg (117396 bytes) NemoBrooksvilleJan2010a.jpg (272925 bytes)

Sardi's Catch Me If You Can (Champion Crekside's Dirty Dancing CD x Champion Sardi's Too Hot To Handle)(pedigree)  Nemo is just starting his show career; he lives with Angel & Ashton in Lakeland.  This is Angel's first time training a dog for the show ring and to show what a great job she's doing Nemo won 2 points his very first time in the ring!

OFA thyroid normal, OFA cardiac normal CERF, OFA hips good, OFA elbows normal, CHIC #58760

Ch Sardi Silkwd Portrait In Black  Buck&Tony.jpg (170173 bytes) Tony has moved in with Buck & is loving being the center of attention!

Sardi Silkwood Razorblade Suitcase  

Sardi's Champagne Safari

Sardi Silkwd Some Like It Hot 


 Harlequin & Mantle

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