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 People who do NOT have great danes ask a lot of questions.....  like does she (he) wear a saddle?  Gamblesaddle1.jpg (62332 bytes) Gamble saddle2.jpg (84138 bytes) Gamble w saddle.jpg (54885 bytes) If you're Gamble, the answer is YES  and not only that - but she has a mane! DSCF1483.jpg (109296 bytes) DSCF1484.jpg (107842 bytes) DSCF1487.jpg (109728 bytes)

People are SURE that dogs & cats do not get along....  Vader w Tinker Bell.jpg (57853 bytes) If you're Vader, you love your Tinker Bell Elvis & Jasmine 2010.jpg (162577 bytes) but if you're Elvis, you share your crate with Jasmine

  Side by side is for average households...

No one ever talks about shopping with their dogs.... and Zildjian Limo.jpg (162210 bytes)  Zildjian has his own "limo"! And now that he's more grown up, Zildjian has learned to sing

MonroeDec2010.jpg (159299 bytes) Monroe sits on the porch...


We're taking pictures and suggestions to continue this page!


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