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Neil     photo courtesy of Betty Schlueter

Fawn & Brindle Great Danes

SamApril2007b.jpg (87493 bytes)  SamApril2007c.jpg (99746 bytes) SamApril2007d.jpg (110819 bytes) SamApril2007a.jpg (113013 bytes) 2 1/2 years

Sam1.jpg (168136 bytes) Sam2.jpg (176417 bytes) Sam3.jpg (168852 bytes) Sam4.jpg (157320 bytes) 4 years

Ch Sardi Silkwood Play It Again (Silkwood's Kryptonite x Champion Silkwood's Just An Illusion)(pedigree)( ad) Sam is happily retired and living at the farm.  He was never thrilled with the part of showing where he was in the ring; but he LOVED the part where he was adored by everyone he met.  Sam has an unforgettable personality.  He was bred in 2006 to Jayne & Grace.

OFA hips excellent,  OFA thyroid normal, OFA cardiac normal (echo 2008), CERF, CHIC #39486

  RaineOct2008b.jpg (233801 bytes) Raine01032009.jpg (204400 bytes) 4 years 3132010Raine1.jpg (279383 bytes) 3132010Raine2.jpg (399171 bytes) 5 1/2 years

Sardi Silkwood Purple Raine (Silkwood's Kryptonite x Champion Silkwood's Just An Illusion)(pedigree) Raine is a soft, sweet girl who never wanted to be the center of attention...  she lives here at the farm. Raine was bred to CH Elan Krisda Dixie Magic v Raintree, aka Magic, in 2008 and again in 2010.

OFA hips excellent,  OFA elbows normal, OFA thyroid normal, OFA Echo cardiac normal May 2011, CERF, CHIC #56766

PuppyFeb19.jpg (124934 bytes) 1 wk  Patty52309f.jpg (520806 bytes) Patty52309g.jpg (509899 bytes) 15 wks Patty72209a.jpg (546482 bytes)  5 1/2 mos Patty6mosa.jpg (465251 bytes) Patty6mosb.jpg (318555 bytes) Patty6mosc.jpg (354961 bytes) 6 mos Patty123110a.jpg (246068 bytes) Patty123110b.jpg (234295 bytes) Patty123110c.jpg (230703 bytes) Patty123110d.jpg (221883 bytes) Patty123110e.jpg (190614 bytes) 23 mos

Grand Ch Sardi Silkwood The Jewel of the Nile RN, CGC, GDCA Versatility (CH Elan's Krisda Dixie Magic v Raintree x Sardi Silkwood Purple Raine) (pedigree)   (Ad in & here also & here again)(Rally Novice) Patty is our first brindle; we are very excited to learn about life with stripes.  She has a personality that defies description, except to say that we adore her.

OFA hips good,  OFA elbows normal, OFA thyroid normal, OFA echo cardiac normal Oct 2010, CERF, CHIC DNA bank, CHIC #73799

9252010green.jpg (152494 bytes) 9262010greena.jpg (125467 bytes)8 1/2 wks Green10282010c.jpg (120533 bytes)3 mos  Lizzie123110f.jpg (99172 bytes)5 mos 1162011Liza.jpg (118608 bytes) 1162011Lizb.jpg (165751 bytes) 1162011Lizc.jpg (167599 bytes)5 1/2 mos

Sardi Silkwood Bedazzled (CH Elan's Krisda Dixie Magic v Raintree x Sardi Silkwood Purple Raine) Lizzie is Patty's full sister from the repeat breeding.  We certainly hope she'll follow in Patty's footsteps!


1022010brindle1.jpg (94620 bytes) 9 1/2 weeks Drizzle10222010a.jpg (120928 bytes) Drizzle10222010b.jpg (127780 bytes) 11 1/2 weeks Drizzle KC March 2011.jpg (111808 bytes) 8 mos

Sardi Silkwood Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (CH Elan's Krisda Dixie Magic v Raintree x Sardi Silkwood Purple Raine) Drizzle is Patty's brindle full sister from the repeat breeding and lives with Sara & Zac in Missouri.

4wks4.jpg (40082 bytes) 4 wks Tess4months.jpg (82266 bytes) 4 mos TessZolpho5.jpg (93843 bytes) Tess6mos2.jpg (92265 bytes)  6 mos Tessie1yr.jpg (218059 bytes) Tessie1yratNatl.jpg (109007 bytes) 1 yr (show photo by Christina Freitag)

Sardi Silkwd Reckless Disregard (Silkwood's Kryptonite x Sardi's Champagne Safari) Tessie is a true character; sweet one moment and a devil the next!  Tessie was bred to Amador's Red Thunder in 2009.  Tessie lives with Angel, Ashton & Nemo in Lakeland - she truly prefers the easy life on the couch.

OFA hips good, OFA elbows normal, OFA thyroid normal, OFA cardiac normal, CERF,  CHIC #63097

 BriaNatl2008.jpg (245971 bytes)

ICON of MICA Nuance of Silkwood Brooklyn (Elrid's Katherine's Hallmark x Champion MICA's Best Kept Secret) Bria was bred by Carmella Jichetti and lives in Alabama with Cathie & Wilton.  

Ch Sardi Silkwd Double Trouble RA CGC GDCA Versatility  &  Elvis' travels

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