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Marcella__2.jpg (30712 bytes)     Dsc00154.jpg (41744 bytes) Dsc00155.jpg (37264 bytes) 

All Men R In Love W Marcella CD CGC TDI (April 22, 1990 - June 4, 2002)

Marcella was many things to many people - but most importantly, I adored her.  She was the first giant breed of dog allowed into our local hospital as a therapy dog; she finished her AKC Companion Dog title (CD) with a High In Trial at the GDCMF Specialty in January 1992 and continued to compete in non-regular classes.  She was the oldest dog entered in obedience at the 2000 National Specialty in Kansas City, Missouri and again at the 2001 National Specialty in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  She touched the lives of all she met; a day does not go by that I don't miss her.  Marcella was just over 12 years old when we sent her over the Rainbow Bridge; while her heart and mind were strong, arthritis & spinal disc problems caused her to lose her mobility.  As ever, she went with dignity.

Marcella had three litters: sired by American & Canadian Champion Sasdania's A Toss Of The Dice, Scarbrough's Charlie, and Sasdania's Stromboli Vi-Dayne.

Angie.jpg (35752 bytes) Angie 2.jpg (18548 bytes) 

Angelica Daneboa (January 12, 1989 - March 16, 1996)

Angie was purchased from Hugo Gamboa (Daneboa).  She came to us right after we had parvovirus go through our household, and we needed to start our breeding program all over again.  Angie was our rebirth, so to speak, and was the mother of Miss P (Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk).

We bred Angie three times: her litters were sired by Daneboa's Black Ambassador, and two sired by Daneboa's Formal Attire.

Samantha.jpg (14880 bytes) Sam.jpg (29740 bytes) 

Daneboa's BMW Bewitched (January 24, 1992 - January, 1994)

Samantha came from Hugo Gamboa (Daneboa) and was co-owned with Laura Kiaulenas (BMW).  I met Hugo when I came to pick up Samantha; it was a friendship that taught me more about the breed of Great Danes than I could ever have learned otherwise.

Samantha was bred once, to BAK's BMW Incognito.

Miss P baby.jpg (24924 bytes) Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk.jpg (28992 bytes) 

Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk (November 14, 1994 - August 2, 2001)

Miss P had just started her obedience career at almost 7 years of age; she had earned the first of three "legs" towards her Companion Dog title.  We lost her unexpectedly to torsion of the spleen; in the span of two hours she went from normal to over the Rainbow Bridge.  She was a puppy in a litter with no harlequins, and was our first pick puppy.  She actually chose us - hurling herself at us and pushing away her brothers and sister to be the closest.  Needless to say, she stayed here!  She left behind a legacy that will speak for her in the coming years.

Miss P was bred to three different dogs: Woodland's Bandit, BIS BISS American & Canadian Champion Wyntrebrook's Sun Dancer, and National BISS Champion BMW Architect of Jericho.

     Liz5wks.jpg (30117 bytes) Liz4mos.jpg (38165 bytes) Liz18mos.jpg (41150 bytes)


CH Sardi's Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (BIS BISS CH Wyntrebrook's Sun Dancer x Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk) (December 1, 1997 - February 23, 2007)

Lizzie was so many firsts...  my first champion...  my first bred-by champion...  my first obedience failure... and I adored her.

Lizzie was bred twice: in 2001 to BIS BISS Champion Char-Max Duke of Dogwood, and in 2003 to Champion Silkwood's Another Legend,  then spayed.

OFA hips good, OFA elbows normal, OFA thyroid normal, OFA cardiac normal, CERF, CHIC #16221

NJ.jpg (39384 bytes) NormaJean CD.jpg (49356 bytes)

Sardi's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes CD (BIS BISS Champion Wyntrebrook's Sun Dancer x Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk) (December 1, 1997 - April 30, 2007)

 NormaJean was a baby who called to us from the whelping box - we had no intentions of keeping a fawn baby from the litter, and yet NormaJean clung to us....  she never wanted to be a conformation dog; she hated that limelight.  She was the first to CARRY a dumbbell...  

NormaJean was bred once in 2001 to Silkwood's Kryptonite, then spayed.

OFA hips good, OFA elbows normal, OFA thyroid normal, OFA cardiac normal, CERF, CHIC #16222

Angus.jpg (37312 bytes) Angus 2.jpg (17712 bytes)

Daneboa's Formal Attire (January 21, 1992 - July 5, 2000)

Angus was purchased from Hugo Gamboa (Daneboa).  He was a remarkable dog - and set the standard for what we wanted in a male.  Angus came to us at the same time as Angie.

Stormy.jpg (39616 bytes)

Sasdania's Stromboli Vi-Dayne (July 21, 1988 - January 27, 1996)

Stormy was functionally deaf; he flew in from Buffalo New York sight unseen based on the recommendations of his breeder, Steve Stevens (Sasdania).  Stormy was 5 years old when he arrived at the Tampa airport - he walked out of the airline crate happy as a lark and right into our hearts.  Most people who met him never knew he was deaf as he was so well trained and so tuned into people (wish we could take credit for that training, but he came to us that way).  There were times I thought he could read my mind - he almost seemed to anticipate what I wanted from him.  He was one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met.

  Hudson.jpg (17912 bytes) HudsonWPB.jpg (75285 bytes) Hudson_004.jpg (36217 bytes)

Sardi's Magnificent Obsession (May 20, 2001 - August 7, 2003)

Once in a lifetime, we are gifted with a dog who is more than we ever could have hoped for - that was our Hudson.  We lost him to septic pneumonia, which developed after he picked up kennel cough.  There's no logic or reason to why he is gone, but we feel blessed we were able to spend two years in his company.

 Toby.jpg (11780 bytes)Tobyat8.jpg (49636 bytes)

Sardi's Sir O' Gate Stromboli (Sasdania's Stromboli Vi-Dayne x All Men R In Love W Marcella, CD CGC TDI) (March 29, 1994 - January 3, 2004)

Toby graced the lives of Darlene & Steve Robertson in Florence, South Carolina. He was always a gentleman; always an ambassador of the breed; never to be forgotten.

Judy_parade_2.jpg (17512 bytes)

Sardi's Easter Parade CD (Sasdania's Stromboli Vi-Dayne x All Men R In Love W Marcella, CD CGC TDI) (March 29, 1994 - June 8, 2005)

Judy was an angel...  and much like her brother Toby she made an impression on everyone she met.  She lived here in Lakeland with Lisa Albritton who showed her in obedience, earning her Companion Dog title in just three shows.  Judy was bred to Daneboa's Formal Attire in 1997 and Sardi's Last Tango In Paris in 1999. 

OFA hips fair, OFA cardiac normal, CERF, OFA thyroid normal, CHIC #22219

wpe1.jpg (9720 bytes)

Sardi's Last Tango In Paris (Daneboa's Formal Attire x Sardi's Easter Parade, CD) (pedigree) (see Brando's ad in (December 17, 1997 - June 18, 2007) Brando hated the spotlight but adored his people....  we are looking for the right girl to use with his frozen semen to bring home another just like him.  Brando was adored by Lisa every second of his life.

OFA hips good

TaylorNatls2002a.jpg (32615 bytes)

Sardi's Cleopatra (BIS BISS Champion Char-Max Duke of Dogwood x Champion Sardi's Cat On A Hot Tin Roof) (September 6, 2001 - June 6, 2009) Taylor developed pneumonia and we lost her suddenly; she leaves a total void in her passing that cannot be filled.

OFA thyroid normal, OFA cardiac normal, CERF, OFA hips good, CHIC #33538

dieselgdca2003a.jpg (44061 bytes)

Sardi's Maximum Overdrive (National Specialty BISS Champion BMW Architect of Jericho x Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk)(May 19, 2000 - December 1, 2005)  Diesel lived in Wesley Chapel Florida with Heather & Rich Denham, he was perfectly presented  in conformation by Heather.  Diesel was Heather's first Great Dane; the joy that he brought in his lifetime was worth the pain when he left.

OFA hips good

CHTango1.jpg (38056 bytes) CHTango2.jpg (32348 bytes)

Ch Crekside's Dirty Dancing CD CGC (BIS BISS Champion Wyntrebrook's Sun Dancer x CH Glencora of Creekside CD) (June 19, 1997 - July 5, 2006) Tango was bred by Jan Brungard (Creekside) and was spoiled by Connie Rousch.  Tango was a gentleman and a champion in every sense of the word.

Tango was a magnificent show dog - was shown 9 times as a special winning 6 and best of opposite 3, all before he was two and a half years old.  After that, he was neutered to give him a little more focus for his obedience career. Tango was 34" at the shoulder and weighed 140 pounds.  Front and Finish Magazine ranked Tango #1 in Novice A Obedience (in danes) for 2001

OFA hips excellent, OFA thyroid equivocal, OFA cardiac normal, CERF, CHIC #33297

Zurich1.jpg (41444 bytes) DSCN0880.JPG (57926 bytes) ZurichJune2004.jpg (56986 bytes)

Silkwood's Kryptonite  (Champion Silkwood's Another Legend x Calico Rock INXS v Silkwood)  Zurich was bred by Cathie Aaron of Silkwood Great Danes.  Zurich was the happiest dog, and loved everyone he met.  He was bred in 2001 to NormaJean, in 2004 to Meribeth, and in 2007 to Rita.  

OFA hips excellent,  OFA thyroid normal, OFA cardiac normal, CERF, CHIC #17821

Eve.jpg (53044 bytes)

Sardi's All About Eve (Sardi's The Blue Max x Sardi's Jezebel v Woodland)  Eve lived in Seffner Florida with Sandy. Eve was bred to Daneboa's Gran Victor in 2000 and to Sardi's Last Tango In Paris in 2001.

OFA hips good


MayaBIS.jpg (31188 bytes) maya2002.jpg (39225 bytes) FN CH Maya.jpg (41460 bytes) IM000448.jpg (31359 bytes)

Intl FIN LT DK EST Ch 2002 Bridge Winner, Vilnius-Cup W-03 Sardi's How To Marry A Millionaire (National Specialty BISS Champion BMW Architect of Jericho x Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk) (May 19, 2000 - October 30, 2008) Maya lived in Finland with her owner Anitta Kilpeläinen. She was adored all of her life, and will always be remembered for introducing us to Anitta and her family.  Maya was a great show dog and a great family dog; she lives on in our memories and her children.  Maya was bred to Int, Fin, Est Ch FinWinner-00 & NordWinner-01 Ozaenas Ain´t No Reason in 2002 and to KANS & FIN & LTU & EST CH JW-3, W-04, LtuW-05, Vilna cup W-05, Est W-05 Blockbuster Von Schontal  in 2005.

DSCN0763.JPG (108542 bytes) DSCN0764.JPG (107520 bytes) 6 yrs MB10yrs.jpg (85247 bytes) 10 yrs

Ch Silkwood's Just An Illusion  (Champion Silkwood's Final Obligation x Champion Calico Rk Larken v Silkwood)(July 12, 1998 - July 5, 2009) Meribeth was bred by Cathie Aaron of Silkwood Great Danes  was bred once to Silkwood's Kryptonite in 2004. Meribeth was always a princess; always a lady.  We were graced to have known her.

OFA hips good, OFA cardiac normal, OFA thyroid comp autoimmune thyroiditis 2004, CERF,  CHIC #18462

LeahFinishesInStyle.jpg (541539 bytes)

Ch Sardi's Final Fantasy  (Silkwood's Kryptonite x Sardi's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, CD) (May 20, 2001 - November 29, 2009) Leah chose Connie Rousch as her person when she was a teeny baby, and never wavered.  Beautiful every moment of her life, Leah was sweet and gentle.  Stubborn when she didn't want to do something, certainly!  Leah was one of a kind; she was spayed and never bred.  See Leah's memorial page here


 BabyAud.jpg (14888 bytes)   Audrey1.jpg (84463 bytes) Audrey2.jpg (81574 bytes)

Sardi's Paris When It Sizzles  (National Specialty BISS Champion BMW Architect of Jericho x Sardi Daneboa Pillow Talk)  (May 19, 2000 - January 21, 2010) Audrey lived here with us; she was never bred, simply loved for the girl she was.  

OFA hips good, OFA cardiac normal, OFA thyroid normal, CERF, CHIC #17820



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