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The Look of Sardi:

Welcome to our home - sixteen acres of land situated in north Lakeland, Florida.    View from the back July 2007.jpg (62712 bytes) View to the side July 2007.jpg (61369 bytes) View to the right side July 2007.jpg (51267 bytes) View towards the street July 2007.jpg (71538 bytes)

This is our house, built in 2005 - we'll be settling in for a while to come.  View to the front July 2007.jpg (69354 bytes) Front of house July 2007.jpg (51272 bytes) Back of house July 2007.jpg (48846 bytes) HouseFeb06 005a.jpg (142774 bytes) HouseJuly20091.jpg (369281 bytes) FarmJuly20092.jpg (395952 bytes) FarmJuly20093.jpg (431989 bytes) This is the house we always wanted - from the entryway, to the library, to the great room opening up into the dining room, which opens to the kitchen...  and the bedroom only a step or two away from the coffee pot.  Needless to say, we designed the house to fit our lifestyle. 

Yes, there are cows (and turkeys)... the dogs think they are great fun!

view from bedroom.jpg (149217 bytes) cows522.jpg (31622 bytes)  DSC00712 copy.jpg (154564 bytes) IMG_0179.jpg (81955 bytes) Turkey1.jpg (127589 bytes) TurkeysOct2008.jpg (143255 bytes) Cows&Jack1.jpg (154561 bytes) Cows&Jack2.jpg (202573 bytes) FarmJuly20091.jpg (407550 bytes) to add to the amusement, the other day we had a balloon land behind the house Balloon1.jpg (39228 bytes) Balloon2.jpg (66071 bytes) Balloon3.jpg (87532 bytes) Balloon4.jpg (94736 bytes) Balloon5.jpg (118526 bytes) Balloon6.jpg (114420 bytes)

Jeffrey DSCN0835.JPG (78660 bytes) was the first farm cat, he came with the farm and stayed until his passing in 2008.  We since adopted OJ OJMay2008.jpg (127636 bytes) OJ In The Tree.jpg (221542 bytes) OJ&turkeys.jpg (91265 bytes)& Monkey Monkey1May2008.jpg (59884 bytes) Monkey2May2008.jpg (86930 bytes) MonkeyFeb222009.jpg (119409 bytes) who have been growing into the perfect farm cats.  OJ has become MUCH more outgoing (and thus visable) and Monkey still plays with the puppies.  Edgar is our newest kitty; he is here most mornings but harder to find in the daylight. 

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